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Monday 8th Aug 2022
Travel Packages : Tibet Festivals

Tibet Festivals (0 Days)

Tibet Festivals

Tibet Festivals

 Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dawa Festival,  also known as the Festival for Releasing Living Things, Tibetan people livwe a non voilence life by not eating meat and kill any living things as sacrifice in the fourth month of the Tibetan year in order to concentrate their efforts on worshipping as a legend says on the 15th day of the fourth month of the Tibetan year Sakyamuni was born, became a Buddha and died.

On this day each year the people dresses in their splendid attire and sing and dance and have a picnic or gathering in Lingka.

 Wangkor Festival

Before gathering their crops, they celebrate this festival to express their wishes for a good harvest that lasts for one to three dayspeople dresses in their splendid attire and have colorful flags in their hands which they tie in highland barley and wheatears into a bumper-harvest pagoda with khatag scarves and then they walk around their fields while beating drums and gongs and singing songs before a horse racing. After the festival they begin to harvest their crops. 

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