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Monday 8th Aug 2022
Nepal’s river is one of the best in world for white water rafting

Nepal’s river is one of the best in world for white water raftingRam Silwal is the well known name in the field of white water sports. He is globally recognized professional as a kayaker instructor and expedition leader. Ram holds diploma in adventure tourism and other related vocational degree such as SRT (Swift water Rescue Technician), wilderness first aid course and BCU certified. At present Ram silwal is running the Royal Beach Camp and Himalayan Extreme Sports Institute. He has worked as senior river guide, kayak instructor and consultant in several countries around the globe, including Nepal, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, France, India, Thailand and New Zeeland. Most of his, river expeditions have been covered by many international adventure magazines and media such as National Geographic.

Ram silwal born in 7th October, 1975 at Benighat-7 of Dhading district was very much interested in adventure sports from his school time. When he was in 8th standard, he started to involve in river rafting with those groups comes in Trisuli river rafting. He generally finished his home works in tented camp in the bank of Trisuli by getting help from crew of river rafting. His promising dedication and continual effort, today his achievement in river sports is more than academic degree and luxurious life. He thought without challenge the work is not more than a job. So he loves adventure and he is in adventure. He shared his 20 years experience of River expedition with NTN.

NTN: What is all about Royal Beach Camp and Himalayan Extreme sports Institute?
Mr. Silwal: Royal Beach Camp is my own rafting company which has been organizing different white water paddling in different rivers in Nepal. Himalayan Extreme sports Institute is small school of Kayaking.

NTN: What is your company objective to establish kayaking school?
Mr. Silwal: I have nothing more to give to the society, only I can serve my nation through my skill in river rafting. That’s why I established my own kayaking school to train youth as a kayaker so that I can transfer my knowledge to them which may in turn them as a professional kayaker. We not only provide them training but also offer job after their successful completion of kayaking training.

NTN: How long have you been in this job?
Mr. Silwal: I have been working as a kayaker for 20 years. When I was sixteen, I have started to paddle in the river.

NTN: How do you become interested in adventure sports?
Mr. Silwal: From my school days, I fascinated towards kayaking. On Friday, our school gives us half holiday then I directly used to go Trisuli bank to see kayaking in river. Gradually I involved with the crew of rafting and made some friends. After my SLC I started to search job in this area which takes me in adventure sports.

NTN: Do you have insurance policy to your employee?
Mr. Silwal: All our staffs, kayakers and company is insured coz this is adventurous game no one knows any thing happen. But for the tourist who wish to do adventurous sports in Nepal must insured in their country.

NTN: Do you have all essentials to run adventure sports in Nepal?
Mr. Silwal: Geographically, all the parts of Nepal can not be scaled within short period; we just can develop rescue team and camp to assist in any difficulties but it is not possible by individual company. Government must take some majors in adventure sports to make it safe and reliable.

NTN: What are those requirements to make adventure sports safe and reliable if anything goes wrong?
Mr. Silwal: Rescue Team, Local guide who knows the area much better, Experience guide. Quick Communication channels

NTN: What is the grade and types of river in Nepal?
Mr. Silwal: In my professional career, I have travelled more than 40 countries and I worked as a kayaker in 27 countries, I have found Nepal’s river is one of the best in world for white water rafting. In Nepal while we doing rafting in 1000m to 1500m level we can view the mountain above 8000m this only possible in Nepal not in any other part of world. Rivers are of great variety wild Karnali to Soft Sun Koshi.

NTN: Do you See potential in white water rafting in Nepal?
Mr. Silwal: Of course we do have great potential in white water rafting but the dam constructing in rivers making it difficult. Government must think while constructing dam for electricity and set priority in which river it is not to construct dam.

NTN: At present which rivers have possibilities in White water rafting?
Mr. Silwal: At present we have three rivers which can have great potentiality in White water rafting. Budhi Gandaki which comes through Manaslu trekking area, Tamur in eastern part of Nepal and Karnali the best one in western part of nepal. Government must conserve these rivers and announce as touristic area.

NTN: Do you think Government is promoting for adventure sports in Nepal?
Mr. Silwal: I don’t want to say more in this part. I think they are busy in other works but I recommend them to promote adventure sports in and outside of country. Our country is more beautiful the people think in abroad. We have everything but we are not doing anything.

NTN: Are you enjoying your Job?
Mr. Silwal: I am very much enjoying this job. This is the best job ever I thought in the world coz we can meet people around the globe and exchange our thoughts and views. Importantly, we get the chance to learn the different culture and languages.

NTN: Does global warming has effect in river rafting?
Mr. Silwal: Definitely, the grade and volume of water is decreasing because of temperature rises in the Himalaya, glaciers are melting, and snow is less in Himalayas. These are the real worry of river rafting. Look Sun Koshi has 300m distance from Tibet border to Indian border, so we must save forest, and try to keep environment clean. For that we must provide proper education to the local people cutting one tree need to plant 10 trees.

NTN: What is your further plan?
Mr. Silwal: I have worked many things within these 20 years. I have completed most of the difficult river rafting in eastern Nepal to western Nepal. Now I want to work in kayaking school which I have established in the bank of Trisuli River at Krishna vir called Royal Beach Camp. many youths taking education and being river man. If ten people try to do something in Nepal, this is possible. You can get the example of Royal beach Camp. And my new research is on dirt biking in rural part in Nepal for that I have been doing necessary work to launch extra adventure in Nepal.