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Tuesday 5th Jul 2022
Annapurna region receives 80,000 trekkers

Annapurna region receives 80,000 trekkersAnnapurna Conservation Area, a popular trekking destination among tourists the world over, welcomed 79,900 tourists in the last fiscal year. The figure is the highest ever arrivals recorded in the region.

The arrival figure has exceeded last year´s arrivals by more than 4,000, said Devendra Thapa, information officer of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).

However, statistics of the project shows that the rate of growth of tourist arrivals in the region has consistently slowed in the recent years. “The volume of arrivals has consistently grown. But the rate of growth has slowed over the last three years. This is a matter of concern for all of us,” Thapa said.

According to ACAP, the number of tourists visiting the region increased by 5.3 percent in 2009/10, whereas the rate of growth in the previous fiscal year was 16 percent and the year before was 30 percent.

ACAP officials stated that the region had witnessed a sharp rise in growth rate in arrivals for the last three years mainly after the Maoists joined political mainstream and the positive impact of the beginning of peace process.

“The peace process rejuvenated entrepreneurs, visitors and the industry alike,” said Thapa.

However, instability, strike and slowed peace process again started to drive away the visitors in the recent years. In 2009/10, the region witnessed a substantial drop in the arrivals of South Asian tourists.

According to ACAP data, the region received just 7,901 tourists from the SAARC region, down from 8,735 recorded a year earlier. In 2007/8, the number of South Asian tourists visiting Annapurna region was well over 16,000. Likewise, arrivals of tourists from other countries in 2009/10 totaled to 72,065, up from 67,190 recorded in 2008/09.

“As the number of trekkers is going up every year, we can say the region is performing still good,” Thapa said.

Before the conflict began in the country, the region was receiving well around 75,000 trekkers every year. However, arrivals in the region dropped to just 36,000 in 2005.

Annapurna Conservation Area, which covers mountainous districts like Manang and Mustang, has been a popular trekking destination for visitors from Britain, Israel, South Korea, China, Germany, US, France and Japan.

According to conservative estimate, about 30 percent of total tourists visiting the country travel to the Annapurna region.